• Jimmy Saylor
    Returning Junior
  • Jacob Montes
    Returning Junior
  • Evan Fidelibus
    Returning Junior
  • Mike Catalano
    Returning Senior
  • Scott Betz
    Returning Senior

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Coaches Blog-Tahoe

Historically on day 2 of our annual Reno trip, we take the boys to Lake Tahoe.  Every year we rent a van and we take our newcomers over the Sierra Nev

Coaches Blog-pre Reno

Tomorrow is the day we begin our 20th trip to Reno, NV.  We are extremely excited about going out there again this year.  We will leave in the early A

Manheim Tournament 2014

Tradition is what we are all about here at Easton and what better way to keep the Holiday Traditions going than the Manheim Tournament. It is an aweso

Get Your 2014 Team Wear

2014 TEAM WEAR PACKAGE for wrestlers and fans. $53 Package Above items are sold as a package. A minimum of 1shirt & 1 pair of shorts need to be or