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Tomorrow is the day we begin our 20th trip to Reno, NV.  We are extremely excited about going out there again this year.  We will leave in the early AM hours to catch a plane out of Newark and probably get to Reno in the late afternoon.

As is our time honored tradition, the boys will complete a five mile run upon arrival.    They always run the two and a half miles out to the Peppermill resort and turn around and come back to the Silver Legacy.   Hopefully this helps the boys sweat a bit of weight  off as well as help their conditioning adjust to the high Nevada altitude.

After this the boys tend to Sprint down to the arcade and spend ridiculous amounts of money trying to win prizes.  In 2005 Zach Pizarro won enough tickets to get a motorized mini Scooter that was too big to take on the plane.

We should have an unbelievable time out there this year.  Mr.  Snyder is being honored for distinguished service to wrestling before the finals on Saturday.  Hopefully we can bring  home a number of other awards as well.  It’s amazing to think we started this tradition twenty years ago.  Hopefully we can keep this tradition going.

Reno Line-up

106 Corallo

113 Santiago

120 Keleher

126 Nunez

132 Fidelibus

138 Montes

145 Saylor

152 Ragland

160 DiRenzo

170 Walker

182 Stahlecker

195 Catalano

220 Betts

HWT Werkheiser

We will update you throughout the week.  Thank you for all the support.  Follow us on Twitter @eastonwrestling and Instagram @easton_wrestling

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