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Historically on day 2 of our annual Reno trip, we take the boys to Lake Tahoe.  Every year we rent a van and we take our newcomers over the Sierra Nevada Mts. toward Lake Tahoe.  Lake Tahoe is about 40 miles away and we usually take RT 80 over the mountain and go through Donner Pass.  It is always interesting to see how many of the boys actually know the story of the Donner party getting stuck in the mountains on their way to California in 1846 and had to resort to cannibalism to survive.  Usually this is the spot where we stop and briefly run up the mountain for a short distance.  It is amazing how the change in altitude fatigues us quickly, despite how in shape we all are.  We never go all the way around the lake, but we certainly take the kids to some of the landmarks near the lake.  Even though we have been coming here for 20 years, there are still have not found Fredo Corleone.  On the way back, we usually stop at this enormous hill that people from all over come to go sledding.  We found this hill over ten years ago.  Some of the kids even resort to dumpster diving to get a broken sled or a cardboard box to go down the hill.

Most of the parents and California teams come in on Wednesday.  The majority of the college teams will come in on Thursday.  We are excited to see Rover Alum Robbie Rizzolino who will compete for Clackimus Junior College.  Robbie is currently ranked #1 in the country in Junior College rankings and is headed to NC State to wrestle next fall.

The JV kids did a great job in their workout back home yesterday.  Big thanks to Coach Gaumer and Coach Kuncio for running that workout.  Coach Montes will be flying out today.  From what the kids and coaches have relayed to me, everyone is doing well with their weights and did well in their run yesterday.  I am excited to get out there.  I will be in attendance at the Delaware Valley-Scranton match tonight to support a kid I used to coach who has cancer.  My flight leaves out of Philadelphia tomorrow evening.

Thanks to the parents and boosters for making this happen for the past twenty years.  Thank you to our administration for supporting this trip.  We hope to represent the school with another positive and productive Reno trip.


Go Rovers!!

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